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Wenger - Top-flight goal-rush a positive sign

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Wenger - Top-flight goal-rush a positive sign Empty Wenger - Top-flight goal-rush a positive sign

Post by Quiver on Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:28 pm

Arsène Wenger has attributed the number of goals Arsenal have scored this season to the style of football they play.

The Frenchman is also pleased to see more goals in the Premier League as a whole so far this season.

Arsenal have scored 17 goals in five league fixtures so far this term and Wenger puts that down to the team’s attacking play and the quality of the players at the Club.

"It is because we have a flowing, attacking style," said Wenger. "And as well we are all mobile, we take risks and also it is because of the quality of the players.

"We have players who can create and who can finish and I believe that when a team plays collectively well everybody can score in the team.

"And when everybody attacks in a team, everybody can score, and that's what's happening at the moment."

But it's not just Arsenal scoring more goals; the Premier League has also seen a rise.

"There are more goals from everybody [in the Premier League] but don't take that as a negative fact,” said Wenger. “It is a very positive fact because it is a sign that there is quality there and the teams really go for it.

"It's a bit more open than last year at the beginning of the season I personally feel. Will that last or not? It gets usually tighter between the end of October and the end of March because of that moment where the fear of going down comes in and that usually makes things a bit defensively tighter."

Wenger - Top-flight goal-rush a positive sign Arshavine
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