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Almunia: Kolo Toure Had Become Bored At Arsenal

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Almunia: Kolo Toure Had Become Bored At Arsenal Empty Almunia: Kolo Toure Had Become Bored At Arsenal

Post by arsenal27 on Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:14 am

The Gunners' keeper wonders whether his former team-mate had found life at Arsenal becoming a little stale after having tasted the heady days of an unbeaten season in 2003-04...

Did Kolo Toure leave Arsenal after seven seasons at the club because he was becoming bored? His former team-mate, the Gunners' goalkeeper Manuel Almunia, has suggested that might have been one reason behind the Ivory Coast defender's decision to join Manchester City.

It has become one of English football's most familiar catechisms that Arsenal have not won a trophy in four seasons, and Almunia was quoted as saying in The Times, “I was surprised to hear about Kolo [moving to City].

“He was a big part of Arsenal, one of the greatest players for the club in the last few years. He had a great moment winning the league unbeaten [in 2003-04], having a great team. The Invincibles, the Unbeatables. But when you are a long time in a place, sometimes you need to change it.

“You need to change your way of life, the city where you live, the team-mates who you see every day. Maybe he was a bit bored at Arsenal. With the same people every time, in the same atmosphere. He needed a change, you could see it in his face. He was not really happy last season.”

Does that mean other Gunners - such as much-coveted skipper Cesc Fabregas, could also become restive at the Emirates? His compatriot, Almunia, said, “It could happen the same. But Cesc still has to show Arsenal, to offer Arsenal, still more. Kolo had given everything. He won titles, he gave 100 per cent. Cesc will give the best of himself and he will help us to win something. Then he will be completely happy to be here and he could do whatever else he wants to do.”

Almunia also thinks manager Arsene Wenger’s readiness to put his faith in young players could soon reap rewards.

“I understand the fans must be impatient to win something,” Almunia said. “It is not easy to give a chance to young players at such a big club but, the way the boss is working, he deserves to be rewarded. I hope soon.”

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