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Bye bye, grow up and good luck Adebayor!!!

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Bye bye, grow up and good luck Adebayor!!! Empty Bye bye, grow up and good luck Adebayor!!!

Post by enigma on Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:03 pm

Emmanuel Adebayor leaves Arsenal at only 25, some distance from his prime. He didn't inspire Arsenal, didn't win any trophies and didn't commit wholeheartedly to the club. So it is difficult to respectfully bid him farewell but I will try.

For a few months now, we have all expected Ade to leave. Because these months also included very difficult moments of a difficult season, his presence has been a cause for more frustration than appreciation, even when he scored. It must have been somewhat as difficult for him as it was for the fans. I cannot afford him as much sympathy as I do the fans because he was the only person who could have corrected the difficulty but did not seem to want to do so by showing commitment in the last part of the season like Flamini did when he knew he was going to leave. Flamini played for Arsenal till his last minute with total commitment.

Ade arrived at Arsenal in January 2006. He had a lousy first touch for a striker but since Henry was there, the team did not have to rely on him and the fans gave him time to grow. The season before last, that patience seemed to have paid off when he scored 30 goals. His touch had improved a little but his determination was significantly higher. That determination along with his physical presence was what got him those goals – no small thanks to Cesc's long passing. As Wenger once put it "It is difficult for opposition defenders to keep him quiet for 90 mins". The fans, his team mates and the boss were very pleased with his contribution and valued him highly.

In his first season, Henry was the boss – nobody was bigger than Henry. In the second season, Cesc was the new king. Then Ade fought himself to the top with an excellent goalscoring record and won African Player of the year along with other accolades from opponents. He crowned himself the new king and it all got to his head.

History was about to repeat itself. Ade was about to get too big for his boots just as he did at Monaco and does with the Togolese national team where he is forever disrupting and undermining the authority of his managers. He was so arrogant that he head-butted his own player when he came on as a sub and allegedly suggested he had come in because the striker on the pitch was crap. That arrogance was not as heavily punished by the boss as I would have liked. That player that Ade insulted scored only 2 goals less than Ade last season and I hope will one day beat all Ade's goal scoring and trophy records at Arsenal.

Ade used the summer of 2008 to further annoy fans and management about leaving, precisely at the time when the fans were anxious about the exit of Flamini and Hleb. He got a big contract in 2008 and then lost all motivation and fight and forgot he was sportsman that was required to work hard for his pay.

Ade has scored two wonderful goals that I remember and has played two great games. But in an Arsenal career of just three years, the negative influence, countless annoying offsides, no-shows, donkey misses and total lack of commitment unfortunately remain far more memorable.

I welcome his exit but I regret it too. I regret the fact that he didn't have the discipline to exploit an opportunity to achieve great potential at a great club like Arsenal for a great manager who believed in him. I regret his personality is still destructive even after being given the chance to work in a great atmosphere. I regret that we lost a player who is about 18 months from his prime and clearly showed evidence that the potential could be immense. I regret that he wasted somebody else chance at Arsenal and that his previous season caused the team to focus on exploiting his strengths this season instead of that of Bendtner's or Vela's and he wasted that focus on him by being so unmotivated that he was always standing offside. While it is good to remove a player who is not a good influence, it is always sad to let go of a player with potential due to his attitude.

Football is just a game. It doesn't feel like that during the season when it feels like life itself depends on it. But during the summer, I can afford to stand back and realise that it is humans involved. As a result, the most human thing to do is to wish Ade the best. He will not do to Hughes what he did to Wenger – at least not immediately – so I expect he will be successful in his first year at Manchester City.

Manchester City are owned by billionaires and it is clear that that is the life Ade wants. He is a bling bling guy who wants to date Beyonce and talk to football moguls on his mobile phone. He will want to get pally with the billionaires and go to Brazil and Madrid to party with Robinho so he can get introduced to Kaka or Ronaldinho. If Ade was a girl, he would be a tacky football WAG desperate to score with any player. He earns bigger now so he can do more and that could be the curse of him. I really hope it isn't and I hope he doesn't habour any plans to run for president in Togo sometime soon. I wouldn't put it past him.

Good luck Ade. Keep your head down. You represent a lot of people from Togo and they are proud of you up to now. You are their biggest export after Cotton. Don't let them down. You also represent yourself and football. Don't screw it.

Written by Joël Che on Saturday, July 18, 2009

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