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McFarland urges fans to be patient

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McFarland urges fans to be patient Empty McFarland urges fans to be patient

Post by enigma on Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:39 am

Rams legend Roy McFarland has urged all supporters to have patients with Nigel Clough and not to expect too much in his first year as manager.

McFarland urges fans to be patient 449158-1

Clough has succeeded in his first mission, which was to keep the Rams in the Championship and those at the club know that the job of improving the squad will take time.

McFarland stated that “There will be no transformation overnight” but went on to say that he wished Nigel success as the loyal fans who pack Pride Park week in week out deserve a team that is going forward.

The former England defender said that Clough is looking to weed out all the chaff and to look at the strengths of the current squad and develop them wherever possible. This process could take a year to eighteen months to complete and again urged fans to have patients with Clough....

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